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The next steps

What is up next?

So in my first post I explained a bit that I created a new site and I had some next steps to do. Here I now work them out further and what the status of them are:

  • get all the old blog posts
  • create a pipeline for auto updating the website.
  • Create more posts and show more code cause why not?

Get all the old blog posts

I am doubting about this one but it is from a wordpress website. Most likely I will just do some new posts about the stuff I posted before. Can be a bit more interesting. But I have a DB backup and backup from all the files so getting all the info should not take that much of time.

Create a pipeline for auto updating the website

This one will take a bit more time since I am switching from github to gitlab I think. This will be I think a blog post on it self, I love CI/CD so this one will be awesome to make.

Of course I am going to keep doing this! Especially since it is now allot easier to create something. I always have vscode open and as soon as I have the pipeline setup it will be so much more easier to create a new post about something!

Concent that I have planned and thinking about are:

  • proxmox and ansible and terraform
  • More ansible posts and my own personal development with ansible
  • More linux posts but the content about what exactly I am not sure about.
  • Homelab expansion
  • 3D printing posts.

If you also have a recommendation about what you would like to see for posts then let me know through twitter!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.